10 de jun de 2011

Reading (and thinking about my conversations with the "old master")

Well... I can't think in any other ideas when all I can think is about all the words of the old master and these ramblings and the like that are a whirlwind of ideas by making a big mess in my head.

Other ideas:

"Why not, after all? Neverthless, I was a little startled. We are all like Pavlov's dogs - so conditioned that, when the scatological bell rings, we automatically begin to frown or blush. It is absurd, it is even, if you like to thing of yourself as a rational being, rather humiliating. But there it is; that is how the machine happens to work. To know that there is a machine and that it does work in this particular way is to be, even though still subject to its control, in some sort superior to it. Not a very satisfying triumph, perhaps; but still, I reflected, as I closed the door behind me, better than no triumph at all."
"The inadequacy of man's imagination and his immense capacity for ignorance are notorious. We act habitually without knowing what the more distant results of our actions are likely to be - without even caring to know. and our ability to imagine how other people think and feel, or how we ourselves should think and feel in some hypothetical situation, is strictly limited. These are defects in our make-up as mental beings. But the are defects which possess great biological advantages. Any considerable increase in our capacity for knowing and imagining would be likely to result in the paralysis of all our activities."

by Aldous Huxley in "Beyond the Mexique Bay"

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Your Adrenaline disse...

I always thought i was a deep person but now... reading this I really know, i'm so deep like a olympic pool and you're so deep like sea